Scott Kreuser is a computer network engineer and business systems analyst with a career history that spans over two decades. In addition to having studied business administration and information systems management at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, he holds additional specialized credentials as an Air Defense Certified Engineer (ACE). Pursuing his ACE certification through Motorola Air Defense Solutions Training, Scott Kreuser learned how to deploy, tune, and debug computer networks using Air Defense products. He also learned how to connect, organize, and operate networks according to established Air Defense procedures.

The Air Defense Certified Engineer Training Program is designed to further the education of industry professionals in the field of wireless local area network (WLAN) security and functional network support. People seeking ACE certification are required to come to the program with a thorough existing understanding of WLAN systems and their various affiliated security components. Prior to completing their training, they must complete three successful Air Defense installations under the supervision of a trained field agent. In order to receive their final ACE certificate, engineers must also complete the requisite hours of training and pass both a practical and written exam.