With over fifteen years of experience in wireless technology, Scott Kreuser has successfully designed, implemented, and optimized wireless systems for a variety of national and international companies. Currently working with Silver Spring Networks as a Wireless Field Engineer, Mr. Kreuser manages the company’s network for Florida Power and Light distribution automation.

Silver Spring Network provides the integrating technology that links the services of energy providers to create a “smart” energy platform in homes and offices nationwide. Silver Spring’s products enable communication between energy providers and end users to achieve optimized use of energy. In his role as wireless network expert, Scott Kreuser implements the wireless technology that moves the company toward the goal of power systems integration.

Prior to beginning work with Silver Spring, Mr. Kreuser worked with government and private organizations to coordinate wireless systems to meet unique operational needs. As an employee of General Dynamics and JIS Technology, on contract to the United States Veterans Administration, he designed wireless networks for use in medical facilities as well as mission-critical government applications. In a previous position with NCR Global Network Solutions, Mr. Kreuser served as AT&T’s Wireless Network Engineer optimizing Hilton Hotels’ guest Internet access. In both positions, he designed secure systems appropriate for transmitting sensitive information.

Scott Kreuser has also served as an independent wireless security consultant for clients including Raytheon, T-Mobile, Cilicon Solutions, and Endeavor Telecom, prior to which he served for nearly eight years as CEO, President, and founder with nationwide IT corporation NABI Networks, Inc., a.k.a. Constant.com. Mr. Kreuser preceded his work in the networking industry with eight years as Project Manager of New Product Operations with Dell Computer Corporation. He was responsible for coordinating hundres of successful launches around the world throughout Dell’s Manufacturing facilities.

Mr. Kreuser received his education in Business Administration and Management Information Systems from Southwest Texas State University, in addition to extensive specialized technical training. He currently lives in Miami, where he enjoys, among other things, visiting the beach, boating, diving, fishing, and treasure hunting.


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